3D Printing, Molding and Extrusion

Industry Specific Licensee Opportunities

Innovative Plastics and Molding, Inc (IPM) is a development company for producing cellulose fiber thermoplastics  composite products, composition of matter and processes. IPM leading edge technology includes molded parts in medical, automotive, cosmetics and furniture industries made from the brand FibreTuff®, a bio based compounded pellet.  IPM will license FibreTuff® technology and take responsibility to work with your vendor of choice. ​

IPM helps manufacturers, designers, and end users make products out of FibreTuff. You can count on IPM to help drive your product to market. 

Industry Opportunities include:

  • Medical 

  • Electronic

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • Cosmetics

  • Building and Construction

Taz 3D Printer making Benchie made with FibreTuff
Taz 3D Printer making Benchie made with FibreTuff

FibreTuff Advantages

Bone like qualities

Bone like Radiopacity of Femur 3D Printed with FibreTuff

3D Printed femur bone made with FibreTuff has  "bone like" qualities such as radiopacity,  look and feel, improved screw retention, sawing and cutting ability. 

Coating Friendly

Coating a 3D Printed part made with FibreTuff

FibreTuff can be coated with metals and other types of coatings to include medical grade hydroxyapatite.

Micro Moldable

Micro molding FibreTuff for medical applications

Micro Molded details can be accomplished without traditional fillers.


3D Printed bone made with FibreTuff floating in water

After 3D Printing, FibreTuff is absorbable, yet floats for weeks at a time.

3D printed bar stock

3D Printed bar stock made with FibreTuff machined for proof of concept

This FibreTuff Bar Stock was CNC milled, laser cut with push pin for proof of concept performed by prosthetic company for evaluation.

CNC machine able qualities

3D Printed bar stock made with FibreTuff for spine spacers.

FibreTuff can be machined in a CNC process with the same feeds and speeds as PEEK. 

No offensive odors

3D Printing FibreTuff at recommended temperatures produce no offensive odors.

When 3D Printing FibreTuff there are recommendations tfor processing. At the recommended processing levels there is no offensive odors. Furthermore, FibreTuff customers say the FibreTuff filament is non temperamental and user fr

No Bad Actors

Molded cosmetic jar produced with FibreTuff

Medical and Cosmetic markets that are sensitive to certain ingredients will appreciate  FibreTuff has been formulated with no bad actors. Some FibreTuff formulations have passed USP Class VI. Others have passed cytotoxicity and skin irritation tests.

Standard Sterilization methods

3D Printed High resolution meshes made with FibreTuff

FibreTuff has been tested in Autoclave, Gamma and EtO without problems. For further information about tests see robert@fibretuff.us