FibreTuff Data

The FibreTuff has similar properties to Nylon 11 or 12. The specific gravity of FibreTuff I is 1.08 g/cc. This comparison chart shows significant opportunities to pursue both Laser Sintering and FDM. The FibreTuff I has similar properties to Nylon 11 or 12. 

FibreTuff has similar properties to Nylon 11 or 12.

3D Printer Data/Information for FibreTuff

Injection Molding FibreTuff

Without a reinforcement and/or filler FibreTuff has a Tensile Strength at yield ASTM D638 of +5,000 psi. With a glass fiber reinforcement, the Tensile Strength can be + 7,000 psi. This Tensile Strength value is present at 42%, 34% and 28% wood flour. These properties show a linear plot versus existing technology which declines in Tensile Strength with increase in wood flour loading levels.   

  • Flexural Modulus ASTM D790 is above 600,000 psi for 42% wood flour
  • Flexural Strength ASTM D790 +8,000 psi
  • Heat deflection temperature +280 F at 64 psi   
  • Minimal moisture uptake SAE J315 is .04%

3D Printing FibreTuff

FibreTuff can be 3D Printed with various break away materials or support structure polymers to help with the vertical printing in Z direction. Standard  breakaway for the Ultimaker 3D Printers can be used.

Recommended processing conditions.

The nozzle size should be .4 or .5mm with temps at 225- 235C.

The printer bed should be heated at 90 -100C. 

Cooling Fan on for first few layers than turned off 

Recommended layer height .1 - .2mm

Printer oven is desired - temps 80C.

Printing speeds 45 -50 mm/sec

Density or infill is at 90 - 93% infill

Recommend Adhesive or Ultimaker breakaway / PVA  

Ultimaker S5 printing FibreTuff at RAPID 2019

Ultimaker 3D Printer using FibreTuff I at the RAPID conference in Detroit May 2019. The part printed utilized a nozzle temp of 245c with 80c heated bed temperature. The FibreTuff I will be offered in the Ultimaker Materials Alliance in the Fall 2019

Air Wolf Axiom 3D printer producing foot bone with FibreTuff

3D Printer using the FDM method for producing a anatomical calcaneus bone model made with FibreTuff. A 235c nozzle temperature @ 100 c bed temperature. Fan off when printing at a 44 mm/sec print speed

Drilling into 3D Printed femur bone made with FibreTuff

FibreTuff used in a Laser sintering 3D printer process to produce a Femur bone.