Innovative Plastics and Molding, Inc (IPM) is a leader in the development of cellulose fiber thermoplastic composites. This leading edge technology includes patents and patent pending technology with the trademark FibreTuff®.

Licensing FibreTuff Technology


FibreTuff is a registered trademark

FibreTuff is a registered trademark and included in all patents associated with patents from Innovative Plastics and Molding. The company has exclusivity and non exclusive agreements for markets.


3D Printed skulls made with FibreTuff

3D printed skull cap made with FibreTuff. This skull cap can be 3D printed with FibreTuff in the FDM or SLS method. Partnership and collaboration are being utilized for new new bone like anatomical models.


Cosmetic jar molded with FibreTuff

The cosmetic industry can utilize FibreTuff technology to construct new parts with 3D printing. A much better part construction versus traditional methods can be created with an eco friendly solution.

Building and Construction

Extruded sheet with veneer made with Fibretuff

FibreTuff technology can replace existing PMMA cap stocks at a lower price with improved anti fugal ingredients. 


Automotive part with living hinge molded with FibreTuff

Automotive OEMs have opportunities to utilize FibreTuff technology in 3D Printing. The new FibreTuff Technology address the past issues in colorability, odor and printability.


Hardboard molded with FibreTuff to produce 3 dimensional furniture part

FibreTuff technology can help create new  parts having lower weights with better screw retention versus other 3D Printed materials.