FibreTuff® Technology

Ultimaker S5 3D Printing with FibreTuff

FibreTuff technology consists of a cellulose fiber thermoplastic composition with many unique attributes pertaining to various industries.  The company has intellectual property for composition of matter, processing and parts. The FibreTuff trademark helps to describe the innovative technology.

3D Printing anatomical"bone like" qualities

3D printed skulls using FibreTuff Medical grade filament on a Ultimaker S5 Printer.

FibreTuff technology can be designed to have "bone like" features to include radiopacity, excellent screw retention, cutting and sawing capabilities for medical models, parts and devices. 3D Printing of anatomical bone models made with FibreTuff can have densities of both cortical and cancellous bone to replace cadaver work.


3D Printing a bone like anatomical model made with FibreTuff

The FibreTuff compositions utilize 3D printing in FDM and SLS methods. Both these methods produce parts for Medical, Automotive and Cosmetics. Contact

FibreTuff News

3D printing with FibreTuff to produce cosmetic part.

FibreTuff attends various 3D Printing events and has established partnerships and collaborations. The company has participated in many speaking events and supported growth in Northwest Ohio, looking to expand its footprint on a global scale. Look here for news in upcoming events. 

Industry Specific Opportunities

Cosmetic jar molded with FibreTuff

 Licensing opportunities in Medical, Cosmetics, Electronics, Aerospace, Furniture, Automotive, Building and Construction

FibreTuff Data / Information

Taz 3D Printer making a part with FibreTuff

Properties and performance data have been generated by ISO and ASTM testing. These test show FibreTuff is competitive with highly engineered polymers like Polyamide for 3D Printing

FibreTuff® for 3D Printing

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